• BOND
    • 2020-03-11

    This is how a tibetan mastiff welcome his family home! THOR is truely hug his mommy I believe they love us more than they are caring themselves.

    • 2020-03-10

    Yan Huang Miles would be 9 today if he is still alive. I'm here sharing  what Eddie, his American Daddy's wants to say to him on this special  day. No saddness, but full of sweet memory and ...

  • Love in the air
    • 2020-02-22

    Our girl, Yan Huang Shelly FINALLY got reunited with her Canadian family ! Shelly was boarded in a kennel when Hok, her owner had a business trip. There was a big fire in the neighborhood where Shelly...

  • One day off lead excursion
    • 2020-02-20

    Yan Huang Lily and Yan Huang Gavril's 3 to 4 kilometers excursions of running, walking, mud sliding and climbing,rocky, stubby hard ground and swimming had not even begun to exhaust them.  The tw...

    • 2020-02-20

    I was blocked to visit FACEBOOK by the internet issue in China for 5 days. So happy back to the big FACEBOOK family again at this momnent. Please keep in touch with me by whatsapp if you can't reach m...

  • Yan Huang Xue Bao Bao, the pack leader
    • 2020-02-12

    Yan Huang Xue Bao Bao' pack My handsome cream Tibetan mastiff guy in Ukraine. You were the most gentle, cuddle boy when you were a kid, one year later you are leading a pack today!

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