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    2019 breeding programm
    3 liiters including one cream litter, one red and one black tan litter
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    2016 tibetan mastiff puppy
    If you are seriously interested in one of our dogs, please tell me a little more about yourself. We normally do not reply to inquiries from anonymous addresses or from people who do not identify themselves.
    DATE OF BIRTH:2020-10-1 2 cream females, 2 red males  ALL SOLD              DAM: Multi PBIS Yan Huang XI XI                                       SIRE:   MI PAO FU WA                                 pedigree: Yan Huang Xi Wa, 3.5 months (sold), Owner Miranda Cam in Canada 2 months                    Video on facebook: Yan Huang Victoria, female puppy, Sold to Russia,  BABY BEST IN SHOW BABY BEST IN SHOW Yan Huang Bao, male puppy, sold to Canada Bao in Montreal, Canada 2.5 months cream female Yi Yi (stay in my kennel) Pups 37 DAYS 24 Days Old 6 DAYS OLD 1 DAY OLD Date of birth: 2020-10-1 4 cream males, 1 cream female, 1 red male                                   DAM: PBIS Yan Huang GE GE                                  SIRE:   Vak of East Magic Kennel(BOSS)     pedigree: Yan Huang Quentin, staying with us                                                          Cream male, Yan Huang Tuo Tuo, sold to Philippines                                                                                         Cream male, Yan Huang Dooby, sold to US                               Yan Huang Vagas YAN HUANG APPA, cream male puppy, sold to Mr Cai bassed in Vancucour, Canada 7 days ONE DAY OLD Date of birth: 2020-8-16 2 red boys and 1 cream girl ALL SOLD YAN HUANG FAIRY(FAIRY) YAN HUANG VAK (BOSS) PEDIGREE: Yan Huang Duo Duo, female puppy,  sold to Mr Jeffery in England Yan Huang Cloudia, cream female puppy sold to Mr Tom in the United States One day old DATE OF BIRTH:2020-1-24 1 red boy, 1 red girl, 2 cream girls   This is a repeat breeding. We had 6 pups in their last litter, and three went to show homes, all started their showing carrers with BABY BEST IN SHOW! The rest are all show prospect, just don't have a chance to be shown.  Hopefully we are having the same quality pups as we had last time. Yan Huang Wo Wo  Mi Pao Fu Wa  TWO MONTHS Yan Huang Ne Zha  8 weeks 啊 One Month  Baby 13 days 4 Days Old Puppy Due Date: 2020-1-24 2 cream females, 1 red male, 1 red female Their last litter pups for your reference:   Yan Huang Jessica PUPPY BIS 2, PUPPY BIS 1, PUPPY BIS 4 Yan Huang Ba Wang in Russia BABY BOB, BEST DOG Winning adults, PUPPY BIS Yan Huang XiXi 2*BABY BIS 1, BABY BIS 3, BABY BIS 2 Yan Huang Lily sold to Mrs Mario in Malta EU: Due Expected Date: 2020-11-21     Dam: Yan Huang Nian Nian Sire: Mi Pao Fu Wa Pedigree:
  • 2021  tibetan mastiff pups
    2021 tibetan mastiff pups
    Due date: 2021.3.2 1 female, 1 male  Father: Snow Lion                                                Mom: Da Huang Male puppy available to proved home female puppy reserved Due date: 2021.1.21 2 females, 2 males One cream male puppy available to proved home.  Father: Snow Lion                                                Mom: Mi Tang ONE MONTH CREAM MALE A MALE CREAM B CREAM FEMALE  (sold) ONE DAY OLD
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